Applying and Removing your Life H#rmonizer Transparent Appliqués

  1. Remove hair from the spot selected for the appliqué.
  2. Cut appliqué paper to desired size and shape.
  3. Use the entire sheet when you feel muscle discomfort.
  4. Use the dots as a cutting guide for joint discomfort.
  5. Peel off the transparent sheet to expose adhesive.
  6. Handle the remaining paper and glue by the edges.
  7. Press the adhesive side of the paper onto the discomfortable area of skin.
  8. If the applied area of the skin is curved, then slightly dampen the non-adhesive side of the paper with a  wet cloth or sponge to soften the paper for an easier placement on a curved surface.
  9. Moisten paper until it is saturated.
  10. Slide the paper off the skin.
  11. You can shower/bathe with the appliqués on. Be careful not to rub them. Pat or allow them to dry.
  12. When the appliqué comes loose after a few showers or baths, remove any adhesive residue with some rubbing alcohol. Any lingering adhesive may be removed by rubbing with a tiny amount of Vaseline.

The appliqués are a synthesis of our research in cymatics, molecular biology, wave genetics, and field physics.

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Muscle test and Transparent Appliqué instructions:


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