EMF Cover-Up?

Industrial plants will not admit to the dangers of EMFs, because they will become liable. The government will not either, because they are the largest user of the EM spectrum (military, security use) The world economy depends on it.

Canadian researchers had found a high rate of leukemia among children whose mothers had worked at sewing machines while pregnant. Checks showed the operators were exposed to more electromagnetic radiation than people who work on power lines or in power stations.

The report made by the National Council on Radiation Protection recommended to change the safety limit to only 0.2 micro-teslas. When standing 1 ft from a vacuum cleaner or electric drill you are exposed to 2-20 micro-teslas.

The magnetic fields given off by household wiring, high-current conductors concealed in walls, ceilings and floors of commercial office buildings, and by high-voltage transformers that can be found in almost any large building will also negatively affect cell communication.

A study, conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA. confirmed that telephone linemen, electricians and electric-power workmen are developing breast cancer at six times the normal rate.

Tests show that after a 10 min cell phone call the blood cells near the ear show the 'rouleaux effect', [in a dark-field microscope], a lumping together of cells. Harmonizing them will undo this. See image:



a=harmonized           b=lumped

The field pattern of our Life Harmonizer interacts with the fields of the surrounding (cell) substances and harmonizes them through entrainment of their amplitude and frequency.

Because 20th century medicine cannot measure energy flows and changes in the subtle fields as we describe them, they have to reject our conclusions and thus our Life Harmonizer.

However, we have to learn to better trust the intelligence of our own body again, often over the opinion of others, no matter what their expertise is.

Our innate intelligence has been greatly undervalued and ignored by the 20th century medicine community, because they were taught an opposing perspective, and a completely different paradigm.

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