DNA, Real and/or a Phantom Hologram ?

Astonishing Discoveries !

Source: The Source Field Investigations, by David Wilcock

Dr. Garjajev's DNA Phantom Effect measured and thus proved that every DNA molecule in the nucleus of each of our many trillions of cells creates a vortex that attracts, captures and stores single photons of light. Together it looks like a perfect hologram of our entire body.

An unknown force holds the light in place in the shape of the DNA helix, for about 30 days after the physical DNA molecule has been completely removed from the research area.

This means that the original genetic code of an organism is not found on the DNA molecule, but on a phantom hologram, a for us invisible energetic double, an aetheric doppelganger, floating in the Source Field or Cosmic Lattice.

Dr. Hans Driesch, Dr. Alexander Gurwitsch, Dr. Harold Burr, Dr. Ian Stevenson, and Dr. Robert Becker, observed each in their own research that there is an information field that tells our cells what to do, and when and where to do it.

It is not electro-magnetic itself, but can control electro- magnetic energy without the presence of any organ-, blood-, muscle-, tendon-, skin-, or brain-DNA. It will even restore the coherence of the spiral every time after it was blasted with very destructive materials.

Dr. Eileen Vining of Johns Hopkins University published a study in 2003 that showed that 86% of the children, whose left or right brain hemisphere was completely removed after a major brain damage, no longer needed any medication after a certain period, and functioned even better physically and socially than they did before the brain damage occurred.

Dr. John Lorber, studied 253 hydrocephalus sufferers in the UK, and concluded that with over 90% of the brain tissue lost or turned into water, they functioned fine and normal.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp noticed that when he zapped every cancer-causing substance known to man would scramble ultraviolet light coming in at a wavelength of 380 nm, and sent it out at another frequency. He also learned that after destroying 99% of a cell with ultraviolet light, it will almost completely recover in a single day, if you give it a weak pulse of the same wavelength. The best 'photo repair' occurs at a wavelength of 380 nm.

It appeared that the source field's fluid-like electromagnetic vibratory signature is the strongest at 380 nm. Thus, this is the most ideal healing wavelength to bring nearly dead cells completely back to life.

Together with his student Bernard Ruth, Dr. Popp discovered that living organisms, including fruits and vegetables, continuously emit photons, light. The more they blasted these organisms with a deadly chemical called ethidium bromide, the more light was bursting out from it.

They concluded that a key aspect of any DNA molecule is its ability to store and release light when storage is full, as if it is a direct source of energy and vitality. These light emissions seem to carry information about reestablishing order and balance in the body, especially needed when the body experiences stress and negative emotions.

They also discovered that the light emitted by one was all absorbed by others close by. Humans produce the most photons around 4 PM in their daily cycle. The healthiest foods had the lowest and most coherent light intensity.

Biochemist Dr. Glen Rein's research showed that people with the most coherent brainwaves (light emissions) had the strongest ability of winding or unwinding the DNA Phantom and shortly thereafter the physical DNA molecule with their focused attention at a wavelength of 260 nm. Even from remote locations thousands of miles away.

The 'love' vibration from the heart had the highest impact on the unwinding of the DNA molecule. The more coherence, structure, and harmony we muster, the more love there is.

The most incoherent people produced both a shift in UV light the DNA was absorbing, which happened at a wavelength of 310 nm, and a tighter coil up of the DNA's winding.

Dr. Rein's team concluded that both physical and chemical changes occurred in the DNA molecule, and that there is also a correlation between angry thoughts and feelings, and cancerous tissue growth.

When Dr. Adamenko cut off the top of a living leaf and placed it on a Kirlian plate, a phantom image of the missing piece would still appear for about 15 seconds.

When Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev pulsed coherent laser light from a hermetically quartz sealed diseased viral cell culture into a similarly sealed healthy culture, it got the same disease.

Contrary to glass, quartz allows UV and IR light to shine through. Thus the healthy DNA re-arranged itself and formed the viral DNA structure, and began cannibalizing neighbors.

This means that one life-form can completely be transformed into another life-form.

Dr. Garjajev demonstrated over and again that shining red or IR coherent laser light through a healthy seed or organ or other body-part onto a dead or diseased similar part, even miles away, will resurrect the latter one into a totally new and healthy state within a matter of days or weeks.

He sent a green non-burning laser light through salamander eggs. Then he re-directed the beam into frog eggs, which hatched as healthy salamanders who then mixed with other salamanders and produced healthy offspring. A rapid and spontaneous evolution of species!

Dr. Budakovski shined a coherent red laser through a healthy substance and made a hologram of it, which contained all the wave/field information or code of this substance. Then he shined that hologram into a tumorous version of the same substance. The holographic light completely transformed the cancerous version into a healthy substance.

Dr. Burlakov noticed that a younger egg would suck life-giving energy from an older egg right next to it until it caught up with it in growth. He also discovered that the use of different wavelengths of light and polarizing lenses created freak abnormalities in living organisms. These anomalies disappeared when the original wavelength was re-introduced.

Dr. Backster, Dr. Kaivarainen, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Heal, Dr. Benor, and Dr. Agadjanian noticed during their own separate and different research experiments that members of a group sent life-giving light/energy to weakened members, or to their leader when the group was in a stressful situation, to enable him/her to better protect them.

Tibetans monks explained 80 years ago to Dr. David-Neel that they can harness waves of energy through the practice of extensive and deep meditations, as well as AUM chanting.

Russian scientists placed cancer-causing chemicals and cancerous tissue inside a pyramid of PVC pipe and fiberglass and noticed that they quickly became non-toxic, and supported life rather than damaging it.

Dr. Sergey Leikin noticed that identical DNA molecules floating in a purified salt water soup that contained different DNA molecules were 'mysteriously' drawn together.

Dr. Mark Morris discovered a Double Helix Nebula, a gaseous nebula near the center of our galaxy, which appears to have been distorted by magnetic torsion into the shape of two connected spirals, akin to the shape of a DNA helix.

The segment in the image is about 80 light years long, and only 300 light years from the center. This nebula is circumstantial evidence that the magnetic fields at our galaxy's center are more than 1,000 times stronger than those of our Sun. He concluded that: "What we see here indicates a high degree of order." See image below:

Astronomers Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Wickramasinghe observed that 99.9 % of all galactic dust is freeze-dried bacteria, that are for 70% hollow inside. They concluded that the Universe is set up to create life everywhere.

Other astronomers discovered that our solar system travels in a long, see-sawing wavelike motion cycle of 64 million years, continually moving above and below the galactic plane as it goes along, whereby the energy field above this plane seems to contain more charged particles and cosmic rays than the field below it.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich concluded from his extensive experiments that 'orgone' fills all space in the Universe, is without mass, penetrates matter, has a measurable pulsation, is attracted to water, and is naturally accumulated in organisms through the skin, and by eating and breathing.

Recently, Dr. Pacheco successfully replicated Reich's experiment of spontaneous generation of life inside a total sterile environment, by observing bursts of light before various life-forms were created. See images below:


Dr. Tsytovich discovered that ordinary dust particles arranged themselves naturally into DNA helices, when suspended in a plasma of charges particles, like outer space conditions. These structures divided themselves into 2 equal copies, like standard DNA transcription. He stated that: "these complex self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter, because they are autonomous, they reproduce, and they evolve."

The implications of above discoveries could be that the propagation of life is able to make use of the quantum nature of our reality to project itself in subtle ways, and/or that life itself is a complex projection of these quantum phenomena.

Water has proven to be an excellent medium in which DNA can copy itself in a way that hint at quantum entanglement and teleportation.

Dr. Luc Montagnier concluded from his experiments that the DNA molecule is created from a quantum template we cannot see nor measure, but exists as a structure in the Source Field, and is thus written into the basic laws that govern energy and matter.

Experiments seem to indicate that this aetheric, phantom-like structure can gather photons, atoms, and molecules in order to spiral life as we know it into existence.

Recently, Dr. Busbee discovered that the dolphin and human genome are chromosome for chromosome exactly the same. Only their arrangement is somewhat different. Dr. Haussler's team discovered that very large stretches of DNA in mice, dogs, chickens, and humans were identical.

Various experiments listed above seem to suggest that the DNA molecule is ultimately the product of a single wave, which undergoes relatively minor modifications before producing different species.

Ciba-Geigy patented a process to cultivate new and original forms of plants and animals, by simply placing ancient old seeds between two metal plates, and run a weak DC current through them for a few days, while they germinate. They discovered that their electro-static-field 'zapping' process cultivated species, from modern seeds, that existed only many millennia ago when cross breeding was not yet used.

From this ancient seed, they cultivated a better disease-resistant wheat seed that could be harvested within 4-8 weeks, rather than the normal 7-9 months. They shelved all testing when they realized that this new information would put them out of (the agriculture) business.

Recently, Dr. Oliver Dreesen found that certain parasites are able to spontaneously rearrange both of its DNA strands, so that it cannot be defeated by our body's immune system. He concluded that there is a mechanism in parasites and humans that rearranges their DNA.

Dr. Pruitt, a geneticist, discovered that also plants can rewrite their own DNA, and create a wave component that can correct one or more mutations, that allowed them then to return to their original, more healthy state. Dr. Irschick showed similar results with small animals.

Dr. Miglietta discovered that jellyfish can convert their own tissues and genetic material back to their earliest stage of growth, and thus completely transform themselves.

Dr. Barry Hall deprived bacteria of certain key nutrients (amino acids). Some of their offspring synthesized the missing nutrients within their own bodies. This explains why harmful bacteria can so quickly adapt to new antibiotics. Nature somehow provides!

Dr. Dzang Kangeng was able to transfer the information of the genetic code from one species into another one by nothing more than a wave of energy. He zapped a duck, that was surrounded by 5 mother-hens in separate cages, for 5 days with a Hi-Frequency electrostatic generator. The hens' hatchlings were duck-chicken hybrids. He achieved the same with the transfer of genetic information from nuts to seeds.

Dr. Pier Ighina invented a magnetic field oscillator. If he changed the vibratory state of a group of certain particles, the substance itself would transform. By slowly altering the atomic vibration of the oscillator, he was able to change the fruits of an apricot tree into apples. If correctly calculated, he could cure cancerous cells into healthy ones through a simple, gradual alternation in their vibrational index.

Dr. John Hawks concluded that human evolution has moved 100 times faster in the last 5 millennia than any other moment in recorded history. About 1800 of our 23.000 genes have experienced very recent evolution.

Many Big Pharma trials from the past 3 decades show that the placebos have nearly doubled in their effectiveness, making it much more difficult to get their drugs approved.

Could the 'northern' galactic matrix field we are rollercoasting through now, be the catalyzer of the rearranging of our DNA genetic code to a state of higher coherence and happiness?

What about the demons in our minds?

Is there a formula for neutralizing these entities?

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