The story of the Life H#rmonizer

which began about 40 years ago

Christine began inquiring about the nature of mind and reality at the age of 8. Early social experiences that caused intense emotional pain and deep depression at an early age drove a relentless course of inquiry into the nature of mind and its role in our experience of suffering.

The overarching theme of Christine’s need for understanding was the need to live a life of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. Her four decades course of inquiry led through comparative religions, philosophy, psychology, mysticism, hermeticism, anatomy, biology, and chemistry.

A revelatory experience at age 24 created the foundation of what became the c2C practice, a neurofeedback routine for neutralizing mental, emotional and physical discomfort.

Peter began his inquiry into the nature of mind and reality after a series of traumatic personal & career events triggered a “revolution of mind” at the age of 43. Subsequent trauma and loss due to his “change of mind” were counterbalanced by deep insights into the mechanics of nature and mind through in-dept studies and methodical research into a wide range of natural, formal, spiritual, and social sciences.

The search for the answer to the question “what are the mechanics of our reality and can we develop tools that will repair those parts of ourselves that no longer serve us?” was a huge motivator for Peter’s two decades of methodical research. His training as a mechanical engineer caused him to look for answers that could be applied in everyday life.

Peter and Christine met on 9/11/2002 and identified each other immediately as the “One”. Ever since, they have strengthened and supported one another through challenging personal and financial setbacks. A series of synchronous events led to the development of the c2C practice.

This simple practice accelerated both Peter's and Christine’s self-unburdening. Past pains, physical discomforts, traumas, and anxieties, proved no match for the harmonizing outcomes of applying the c2C neurofeedback routine.

They felt they were really on to something and therefore began to teach others the use this simple method. Doing that, they learned a valuable lesson about human suffering.

People’s will-to-view their suffering experiences as personal challenges is often stronger than their desire-to-be-well.

For a couple who had devoted most of their lives to freeing themselves from the effects of mental, emotional and physical pain, this was an enormous eye-opener.

They learned how certain identities are forged through pain and suffering, and that an identity, as an artifact of mind, is like a cunning animal that fights for its survival long after it is no longer useful to the individual living with it.

Although the c2C routine is simple, it seemed not simple enough. It requires repetition, which could easily be defeated by the self-preservation mechanism of a suffering identity. People need to just “set it and forget it”. So the c2C was further stripped & simplified until it became visibly “nothing”.

Peter’s 3D geometric models and research into the physics of “the source field”, led them both to an “AHA!” moment, and then to an alchemical translation of the c2C components into a pattern that mirrors the pattern of the source field.

This pattern expresses a 'creation grid' along which all components of matter assemble themselves. It is highly coherent and harmonic. When it is overlaid on a dissonant or distorted field, it gradually allows that field to re-harmonize.

This grid allows our cells to remember how to regenerate its original organic imprint for health, without the need for science, technology, and/or fancy equipment.

They methodically tested the discomfort relief properties inherent in the pattern, and discovered that even if the pattern is “invisible”, it is still present in the transfer medium.

They were ecstatic about the consistent test results as well as the pain dissolving experiences of so many other people, for whom all other types of remedies failed for many years.

This decades long process has led to the transdermal introduction of the "pattern" to the cells via appliqués that adhere to a clean skin. They also introduced transparent appliqués for skin parts that are not covered by clothing.

They additionally developed appliqués for harmonizing the negative health effects of all electric and electro-magnetic household devices, called electro-smog, including watches, mobile phones and computers.

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"Life H#rmonizer"