Power Line EMFs

Before 1920, we lived in harmony with the earth, without electricity, with just natural background earth EMF. Since then, the entire industrialized world has been electrified.

Therefore, we all were conceived within this man-made EMF environment and have been exposed ever since.

Many scientists have studied just how the naturally generated EMFs of the earth contain information that provides timing mechanisms for many of the body’s functions.

The man-made AC electrical system creates some sort of electrical barrier of chaotically pulsing electrical currents (60 times a second) that causes us to be separated from the information stored in the earth necessary for optimal functioning, and are the unintentional source of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation.

The power transmission lines, home electricity, and radio & microwave transmissions create a subliminal state of stress that over time degrades the immune system. A wide range of studies have documented the debilitating effects of this electro-pollution induced stress on the immune system.

Man-made ELFs also paralyze the body's electrically based (nerves) healing system.

When someone develops health problems such as brain tumors, it may be that the tumors are not the direct result of the EMF radiation itself, but rather a side effect of the blood-brain barrier opening. This would allow toxins and pathogens being carried by the blood to enter the brain.

Because of the relative low level of immune activity in the brain, the frequent exposure to the toxins and pathogens being transported in the blood, could be one of the causes of cell dysfunction, and degeneration leading to the formation of tumors and other problems.

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