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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

with regards to the practice of using

Life H#rmonizer Appliqués©

'serene smile'

Q: How does the Life H#rmonizer work and thus benefit me?
A: A circuit of a particular pattern, hidden in the appliqué©, introduces information to the magnetic fields of the cells on your skin surface. via the body's peripheral bio-energy system which interacts with this circuit.

Molecular biology and Physics teach us that magnetic fields are also created by pulsating mini-currents that are 'fired' between cells in the body, called synaptic transmission. The light waves emanating from these magnetic fields carry a myriad of information from cell nucleus(DNA) to cell nucleus.

Malignant or damaged cells create a disharmonic, lower frequency (LF), magnetic field. Thus the light emitted from these cells is chaotic instead of coherent. This will reduce their capability to communicate effectively with other cells.

Coherent resonance with the celestial harmonics of the field introduced by the circuit in the appliqué, may synchronize the light waves and allowing the affected DNA chromosomes in the cells to naturally and permanently realign themselves.

The appliqué's circuitry facilitates the synthesizing of the cells' magnetic fields and synchronizing of their currents. This should help the restoration of the body.

People reported a reduction of discomfort from tight tissue, stinging, itching, aching, and inflammation, without harmful side-effects. Many of them felt it like a "wave of relief".

Q: How soon can I expect to feel a reduction of discomfort?
A: The Life H#rmonizer's (LH) presence produces a clearly noticeable difference in level of discomfort. Dissolving deeper laying distortions will take longer, depending on their nature.

Q: How are your temporary appliqués different from all other temporary medicinal and herbal pain-relief patches?
A: The main difference is in their purpose and side effects.

All pain relief patches we came across contain chemical or herbal based substances that carry a variety of risks. Some have harmful side effects, most have restrictions on usage and/or have time limits on their effectiveness.

Others use the red light spectrum, which we found mostly ineffective, or a homeopathic-like version which is not specific enough to permanently resolve a particular problem.

Our appliqués contain a universal source field circuit that resonates harmoniously with your body's rhythms. They are without substances, and thus have zero risks or restrictions.

Their positive side effect is a clear relief of discomfort. Their sole purpose is facilitating the process of DNA harmonizing, with the aim to step-by-step end all unwanted suffering.

Q: Can I continue using existing medications or have surgery?
A: Our appliqués© complement existing treatments, including pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements, and can be used safely with other therapeutic modalities. They are an alternative discomfort relief option, supporting surgery and drugs. They can enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments and accelerate recovery time while reducing the side effects of your currents medications. Please, also read our disclaimer.

Q: What if I experience a different kind of feeling?
A: In the beginning some people experience an unusual feeling. That is the body's nerve system, bones, and tissue adjusting to the effects of the new powerful field. If the discomfort continues, remove the appliqué for a few hours. Then gradually increase the time of application.

Q: What should I do if I experience some sort of crisis?
A: A 'healing crisis' is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the adjustment and detoxification process inside your body. If your condition is chronic, you should expect your body to try to maintain the status quo.

Generally, a crisis arises when new information is introduced, which upsets the body's current "idea of normal". This can manifest itself in many different forms.

You should expect this and work with it. It is an indicator that the re-programming of the DNA and the subsequent neural and physical re-alignment processes are going on.

A 'healing crisis' can release parts of suppressed trauma and emotions. These reactions can occur quite soon or later. These releases usually pass within a short time.

Q: If I do not notice any progress, what do I do?
A: If the H#rmonizer appears to be less effective after having used it for awhile, stop using it for a few days. When you notice a change, start over and enjoy its benefits.

Q: Should I continue using it, after the discomfort is gone?
A: Even if your health improved, we advise you to continue using the appliqués for protection from 24/7 EMF radiation, and to allow further internal reprogramming and restoration.

Q: How can you prove that the LH actually improves my DNA?
A: The proof of LH's harmonizing effects is in how you feel after applying the appliqués. In the world of quantum physics it is the experiences, that count, not the cause and effects. Please, read the information on our disclaimer page as well ! Who fully knows your innate state? So, "Buy & Apply" !

From our decades of research it appears that the body is capable of restoring any distorted gene that may cause a disease and associated discomfort, when genes are exposed to the original source field for a certain length of time.

Protein encoded by the COL3A1 gene, located on chromosome 2

Q: Have my beliefs an effect on the outcome?
A: Normally, your intentions and beliefs influence your health. Beliefs hold both emotional and mental energy and therefore affect your entire being. Your beliefs are accepted as truth by your subconscious mind and affect how you act, sleep, think and perceive the world and the people around you.

Q: Do my thoughts about this have an effect on the outcome?
A: Yes, worries and fears have a weakening effect on your immune system. A positive outlook enhances your well-being. That's why beliefs carry a placebo-effect.

Q: Can I return them if muscle testing shows no difference?
A: Most sheets are tested. If an accurately executed finger or arm-muscle test does not give you any different results with the appliqué, and you are not feeling any better, then return the unused sheet. We will recharge the sheet with the proper energy field and return it to you free of charge.

Q: Can I return the sheets if I don't use them any longer?
A: If you do not use them all, we suggest you gift them to a friend who wants to experience the appliqué's benefits.

Q: How do I notice any changes when I wear the LH appliqué?
A: Some people report physically “feeling or looking” better when wearing the appliqué. Some don't “feel/see” anything, but other people can see a difference in their disposition.

You may notice different thoughts, ideas, or decisions to act, popping up in your mind that relate to your discomfort. You may notice that you don’t get sick as often as you did before using the LH appliqués.

Q: Will the H#rmonizer waves go through my cast/bandage?
A: The thumb-finger or arm muscle test will show you after applying the appliqué on your bandage or cast.

Q: Do I have to wear appliqués 24/7, so as to be protected?
A: Because of everyday exposure to electronic pollution from the outdoor environment, the use of computers, cell phones, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, wireless devices, and the stress in your living and working environment, we suggest wearing the appliqués at home and while sleeping.

Q: Are the LH's Field Energies potentially harmful?
A: LH's field is an expression of the Creator's original source field, and as such has no known harmful effects.

Q: How does the H#rmonizer interact with the EMFs?
A: The local peripheral flows of energy are interacting with the field's circuit and will then harmonize the destructive emissions from nearby electromagnetic fields.

Q: How does the H#rmonizer appliqué support the body?
A: The universal pattern of the h#rmonizer field circuit resonates coherently with the frequency patterns of a healthy human body. These resonance phenomena strengthen and support the vibratory patterns of the body which are naturally attempting to adapt to it, but also try to recover from disturbing, unnatural EMF emissions.

Q: How long will the appliqué stay in place?
A: Start out with removing all hair from the area. If you have a dry skin, it should adhere and be effective for several days. If you have an oily skin, swab the area first with rubbing alcohol.

Q: How many appliqués should I start out with and where?
A: Contingent upon your body's sensitivity, avoid information overload and begin with just 1 small appliqué. Place it where it hurts the least. If you feel no improvement, add 1 appliqué to the opposite side of this spot, to create an oscillation.

If you still feel no improvement, such as with back and leg pain, place 2 appliqués perpendicular to the other 2, so as to create a powerful cross-shaped oscillating double resonance field to speed up healing. For hip discomfort, place one large appliqué on the front and one on the back of each hip.

Q: When I have NO pain, where to place appliqués?
A: Ask your body first. If the answer is not clear, place then the 1st appliqué under your chin. If there is NO overreaction, put the 2nd one high up in the center of your forehead.

If you still feel OK, place then the #3 & #4 appliqués just before or behind the center of your right and your left ear. This harmonically oscillating 'cross' will stimulate the DNA in all the main control glands in the center of your head.

If you prefer some or all of the appliqués to be invisible to other people, use our transparent (invisible) ones.

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