Life's H#rmonizer

from a Physics Perspective

Many of us have to face physical discomforts almost daily.

They are disturbances in our body that have often been accumulated and aggravated over time.

You can look at them from a chemical perspective and treat them with other chemicals. However, this often leads to very uncomfortable side effects.

Instead of relying on the experts that claim to "know" what's going on inside of you, you can choose to look inward and rely on the, intuitively fed, innate intelligence inside of you.

A much more comfortable way to view them is from a 'sub-chemical' or quantum perspective. The molecules of each chemical are comprised of various atoms, which in turn are comprised of various sub-atomic or quantum particles.

Physicists noticed already over 100 years ago that these particles behave as waves under certain conditions.

Thus, from a physics perspective, a particular chemical can be viewed as a wave of a unique length, frequency, and amplitude pattern moving through space.

Physicists like to call that space a "field" and a bunch of different waves "information". Thus, the chemical formula of a molecule is in essence a collection of files with information.

Information exists in many different forms, (1) images (light), (2) sounds (waves), or (3) symbols (light). We convey our Information about water by using the chemical formula (symbol) H2O. The formula describes water's chemical composition of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen atom. 

Thus, my ballpen is a combo of chemicals pressed together, which is from a Physicist's perspective actually a field, filled with information files, in the form of waves or particles.

Modern physics teaches us that even your emotions can be expressed and measured as a field filled with a certain type of information. 

The essence of information is not its contents but its resonance. To sense (feel) the resonance of incoming information co-creates a resonant field.

Cymatics (Gr: kyma = wave), a part of physics, shows us that a vibration or sound wave of a particular length, frequency, and amplitude pattern forces grains of sand to form a unique geometric shape.

Bringing all of this together in one sentence, you can say that "every thing and every emotion has a unique wave signature, and a unique geometric pattern".

What if our research and testing over the past 3 decades has led us to distil that geometric pattern that appears to be highly harmonic with our body's natural rhythms?

We 'energize' our appliqués with this pattern, and offer them for sale worldwide.

Our appliqués© enable your cell's magnetic field pattern to resonate coherently (in harmony) with the original & universal field pattern, rather than being forced to conform to the shape of a certain external wave, or defend itself against the chemical 'attack' of any external foreign substance.

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