'Life-H#rmonizers' are

Quantum Information Fields

for greater health and inner strength

Our Life-H#rmonizer (LH) field appliqués© are compressed patterns of cosmic energy. They are harmonically oscillating portals of energy and information.

Fields of less harmonic tissue, that signal discomforts from chronic aches or stiffness adjust themselves to the LH. 

The same happens to the fields of the Electro-Magnetic (EM) Smog produced by electronic hardware, such as watches, cellphones, computers, TV's, magnets, and appliances.

The feelings in our heart are responses to our environment. They create the EM field patterns around our heart that are re-arranging the stuff in the quantum field of our body. This leads to changes in our physical reality.

From a physics perspective, chronic discomforts are incoherent, disharmonic, distortions in a local information field, picked up by some of our senses.

The coherent harmonics and information of the quantum fields inside our LH appliqués will entrain and resonate with any other nearby field, which leads to less distortions, and lessen discomfort. 

The damaging effects of batteries, electric, and electronic hardware on the function of the DNA in our cells appears to be inverted or reduced.

Our LH field causes the electrons of the oxygen atoms to move differently throughout watery substances in your body, resulting in reduced discomfort and more vitality.

It acts like a rock in a pond. An initial effect is noticed soon. The deeper effects will be subtle and going on as long as the LH field is present.