Ways of Succussion


The act of walking induces O2 electrons realignment in the body's water mass, as well as the realignment of the Ca and O2 electrons in the marrow of most bones of our skeleton.


Another method of succussion is the tapping of the heart beat. This is the most fundamental system of succussion. It evolved over eons of time for balancing each and every cell in the human body. Blood succussion by the heart allows for adjusting to an ever changing environment.

The variation in thickness and diameter of blood vessels plus the use of valves allow for adaptation of succussion strength for all organs & cells in any location in the body. The pumping of the heart succusses the electrons of the O2 atoms in the amino acids of the blood, like the shaking of the watery preparation in homeopathic remedies.

The essence of creation is the process of succussion, a means of harmonizing all elements in every cell of our body via one common denominator, for transfer of energy and control of homeostasis.


The natural method of homeopathy is the best way to restore what went wrong in the body of any organism, by repairing and harmonizing its components through the magnetic properties of O2.

Our innate intelligence uses the process of succussion to change its own characteristics, and the human has found a similar way to help heal the body via homeopathic remedies.

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