Innate Intelligence

All healthcare professionals recognize that the body has intrinsic healing abilities. D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic care, coined it "Innate Intelligence". He was convinced that all forms of life contain an innate (inborn) intelligence, a vital force responsible for the organization, regulation, healing, and maintenance of a stable body.

D.D.’s son, B.J, expanded upon that by stating that "Nature, instinct, subconscious or non-conscious mind, intuition, and consciousness are terms often used to define intelligence, but they do not express the sentiment fully.

Health care and Religious Education approach the body’s problems as works from the outside in, and from below upward. Innate Intelligence works from above downward, from within outward, using the body as a measuring stick.

According to Palmer, “Dis-ease develops when there is interference in the normal and natural flow of information from body to Innate Intelligence and vice versa. This flow has been called: force, energy, electricity, nerve force, synapse fire. It depends on whether we are referring to a stimulus originating inside, or outside of the human body." 

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