The Life H#rmonizer's effect can be compared to

Music Score Analogy

The Life H#rmonizer's universal source field functions like the original score of a very elaborate symphony penciled in by the creator of that work himself, the composer.

Each instrument has its adapted version of this score. Every visiting conductor wants each instrumentalist to perform his particular interpretation of this work.

After having played many interpretations of the score, all the penciled notations added to the side of the music sheets by each member of the orchestra is confusing information to any new member that looks at this 'soup of notes and notations' for the first time.

Placing the notation-free original score of information next to the marked up score allows the musician to figure out how to play his/her part as it was meant to be by its creator.

The 3.5 billion base-pairs of our trillions of DNA molecules have been contaminated with millions of 'side notes' in the form of epi-genetic marks and methyl groups, that can confuse its cells what proteins to produce and when.

Exposing the DNA of our cells to the original score of information of its creator, allows for a resurrection of the original harmony intended by the composer.



Different size double helix waves

fused in Harmony with each other

so as to gradually create a

harmoniously resonating 12 strand DNA

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