Harmonizing & Energizing your DNA


Harmonize & Energize your Life

Two of the biggest budget challenges modern governments and most people face are:

  1. ever rising cost of now unaffordable health care, and
  2. diminishing 'social contract pension payments' to a very fast growing group of seniors.

Although a variety of specific short- & long-term solutions are proposed or implemented, the most cost-effective solution should be something that causes an ever increasing well-being and vitality of seniors on the deepest level.

How totally human health and well-being is dependent upon human behavior, nutritional choices, and anthropogenic environmental changes can be learned from the research in medical anthropology, which traces the origin of disease.

This research has shown that this interdependent process can be traced all the way back into the paleolithic era. Our current problems with cancer and chronic diseases is but the latest dramatic chapter in a very very long history.

Electro-magnetic fields pollution, plus the food, drinks, and medications we consume are contaminated with synthetic substances, some of which our body finds hard to metabolize because their chemical composition is often 'foreign' to it.

The result of this invasion of foreign fields and foreign substances is a fighting back which we experience as unpleasant side-effects and/or chronic dis-eases.

This in turn can lead to the consumption of even more synthetic substances with new detrimental side-effects.

Thus, from a psycho-genetic perspective, integral health requires a return of the human DNA strands in each cell to their original state, the so called 'Universal blueprint' state.

Per Amor Ad Astra

Quantum Physics teaches us that all substances attacking the substances of our cells are nothing more than a quantum soup of particles, with a specific electrical & magnetic charge and mass, moving around in specific spin directions and at particular orbits around one or more nuclei of atoms.

Each particle can also appear as a 'wave' with a unique combination of length, frequency, and amplitude pattern.

Each wave/particle combination is subjected 24/7 to e-smog, electro-magnetic field radiation from each and every source of electrical and magnetic power, including mini magnets and batteries in watches and cell phones.

The impact of the many different electro-magnetic fields from inter-planetary and inter-stellar activities makes it also impossible for our DNA molecules to exist in that "Universal blueprint" state. A universal pattern, that brings everything exposed to this field into harmony with it.

What if a continuing exposure to this ideal field would enable all elements in each of our cells to, step by step, being reset to their original coherent vibratory state of being, and then remain harmoniously in a coherent resonance with it?

If so, this can gradually and naturally eliminate the influence of the thousands of undesired 'marks' on our strands of DNA. This would provide our cells with their own program to produce ideal proteins, resulting in a 'resurrected body' that is more energized, and less subject to dis-eases and aging.

What if our 3 decades long (re)search for this "blueprint" has led us indeed to the discovery of a field pattern that appears to optimally resonate with our body's natural rhythms?

It is in the realm of mind-body sciences plus physics, that the H#rmonizer finds its context and application, because it is capable of catalyzing an energetic reconfiguration process, which inspires an organism to react more fittingly to its need to find a nature-based harmonious equilibrium, that must include a paleolithic diet.

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