EMF Dangers of Electric Smart Meters and

Information carrying radio frequency waves, WiFi

Conventional energy meters are being replaced with wireless Smart Meters, which record energy consumption by using the most advanced technologies. Because of the way they function, they radiate a very powerful electromagnetic field.

Our exposure to radio- and microwave radiation caused by Smart Meters and Wi-Fi routers is nonstop and cumulative, and can therefore be a source of many chronic diseases. Most smart meters transmit as far as 2 miles.

They are often installed in clusters, such as in apartment buildings and condos, where their damaging effects are multiplied manifold because they are placed together.

The information carrying radio waves disrupt your brain's and body's cellular communications, which leads to a closedown of the cell membranes, thus non-permeable transport channels, resulting in a reduced communication and nutrient- and energy deficiency of these cells.

Those people who are exposed 24/7 to the WiFi environment, experience electro-hyper sensitivity, part of the main cell-membrane pathology, that occurs when someone has had a chronic exposure to these info carrying radio-waves.

It is a very debilitating condition, and has become a major medical problem, such as single and double strand-breaks in the DNA molecule, these gene-toxic changes cause increased risk of cancer.

Research has shown that people that have multiple chemical sensitivities also have electro hyper sensitivities.

This causes all kinds of learning disabilities, and behavioral problems, because of poor cell-synapse functioning, compromises the immune system more than any other EMFs, and keeps the WiFi waves concentrated within a metal-walls/cage environment, and becomes an occupational hazard in places such as offices and schools.

This is a gigantic amount of electrical pollution and can cause many negative effects on the human body, mind, and spirit. Some of these effects include: Headaches, Sleep Problems, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Dizziness, Concentration Problems, Blurred Vision, and more serious illnesses.

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