Use of succussed water for healing purposes

Each succussion (shaken in a particular way) of water aligns a particular Magravs strength of water molecules. Thus, after 3 succussions the water has now a spectrum of Magravs strength with the alignment of 3 different strengths.


Succussion #1 aligns 10 Trillion (T) water molecules of a specific O2 strength, succussion #2 aligns another 18T water molecules of a specific O2 strength, succussion #3 aligns another 26T water molecules of a specific O2 strength. This water has now a spectrum total of 54T O2 atoms aligned.

Adding this water to a larger body of water, those atoms (O2) inside the larger body that have one of the 3 specific strengths will align themselves at once with those 54T O2 atoms of the original batch.

All of the water molecules that have specific strength # 1 or #2 or #3 (656T?) have all been magnetically aligned. The potency of this larger water body is thus stronger than the original batch.

In Homeopathy the water is replaced by alcohol for further succussion and magnetic alignment of the O2 atoms in its molecules, because it is a more stable carrier than water, it retains potency better and longer than water, and it works better with dry materials. Example is Ethanol (C2H5OH)

Interaction with the human body

The human body is 60-80% water of more or less the same composite strength as the rest of the clean water on this planet. Thus, when any succussed liquid or matter, such as tablets, are taken in by a living organism like a human being, all of those water molecules that have a similar magravs strength as the molecules taken in, will attain the magravs strength from the substance absorbed.

Homeopathy is a step by step alignment of the body's cells with the magnetic field of any substance taken in that carries its same strength O2 in its water/alcohol solution.

These practices/processes return the O2 of each amino-acid (HCNO) to their original level of magrav strength, and the original position within the molecule, and the molecule to its original position within the structure of the cell.

This process enables molecules and cells to regain their originally designed function within their local environment inside the body.

This process leads to feelings of physical improvement and healing. The intelligence of the human body knows full well that this is the only correct way to self cure, and thus responds positively to the intake of this type of medicine.

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