Psycho-electronic and Psychic Attacks

There are a variety of weapons to remotely harm and control targeted individuals. Some of their techniques are: HAARP, ELF, Microwave, Ultrasonic, Laser, and Acoustic weapons such as Voice to Skull.

They are designed to remotely torture, control, and physically harm people over time, by interacting with their nervous system, conscious and subconscious mind.

They leave the individuals feeling stressed out, disoriented, drowsy, helpless, and paranoid. These targets are left with no one to trust and no one to turn to.

Some victims find themselves implanted with microchips which have become too small for the human eye to see.

There is crucial evidence that Mind Control torturers are also working with scalar waves. A Scalar Wave operates at a very high frequency and is able to directly penetrate into the human nervous system, like the brain.

The presence of the Universal Field pattern harmonizes the harmful fields of scalar and other waves. This pattern can significantly reduce the effect and functioning of implants.

It can also act as a barrier to most toxic psycho-electronic signals aimed at individual people.

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