Bindi and Pottu Appliqués

Pottu is the application of a black dot on the forehead. It is also a form of holistic medicine, in Siddha or Ayurveda, wherein herbs are heated until they turn black, then made into a paste, and applied to the forehead.

The bindi is applied on the forehead as well. It represents the third eye, and is placed above and between the eyes. It is considered the seat of "concealed wisdom", and the location of the 6th chakra. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration.

In the Hindu religion it is the dwelling of Brahman in all beings. Brahman is 'the unchanging highest reality amidst and beyond our world'. It is like an infinite string of consciousness upon which all things hang as 'pearls' of individual consciousness.

Nowadays, the bindi is worn by women and men, and is not restricted to any color, shape, and no longer signify age, marital status, religious background or ethnic affiliation.

Various materials are used to color the dot, such as sandal, 'aguru', 'kasturi', 'kumkum' (red turmeric), 'sindoor' (ZnO + dye), and saffron ground together with safflower seed.

Disposable self-adhesive (sticker) bindis are also used, and usually made of felt or thin metal. They come in many colors, designs, materials, and sizes:

A red bindi represents honor, love and prosperity. It is also a spiritual symbol. The red bindi has multiple meanings:

  • as a cosmetic mark used to enhance beauty.
  • as a manner to respect the infinite inner Guru.
  • as a way to concentrate, focus between 2 eyebrows.
  • as a means to allow the purification of one's thoughts, speech, actions, habits, and thus one's character.
  • as a connection to the 'Ajna chakra', also called the 'Command center', which is in fact the Pituitary gland.
  • This 'Ajna Chakra' (the '3rd eye') is connected with the sacred syllable 'AUM', whose practice helps overcome the limitations of the Ego.

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