A quantum perspective on healing !

Our Life H#rmonizer Appliqués© (LHA)

We are imprinting this Life H#rmonizer blueprint/field pattern into appliqués and labels, and market them as analgesic:

  • wallet-size sheets that contain circular, rectangular, or square appliqués that you can peel off and stick to:
    • the skin, for relief of discomfort and other internal purposes or skin improvements, or
    • any electro-smog producing product, so as to render its effects harmless, or
    • all foods & drinks just before consumption, to improve digestion and absorption by the body.
  • wallet-size sheets containing transparent appliqués, to be cut to any shape & size, and stuck to uncovered body parts for the same internal and external purposes.
  • bottles with harmonized and energized spring water. Coasters for drinks.

The G key, the 'people's key', is an often-used key
across classical and popular music,
because it is the easiest key to play in,
on both keyboard and string instruments.

Harmonizing field in beer coaster

Our work with this harmonizing field pattern on our own bodies has fully convinced us of the inestimable effects.

The muscle test is a simple 'method for measuring' the level of coherence between the 'energy signature' of a drink or food ready for consumption, and the body's natural rhythms.

Bio-energetic appliqués (patches) use the interaction of the body's intelligence with the Qi to cure its owns ailments.

We suggest you to keep a progress journal of all the mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral changes you and other people notice in you, after you begin applying the appliqués and/or drinking the harmonized water.


Positive effects experienced by our customers:

1. relaxation of the surrounding muscles,
2. reduction of the visible effects of stress,
3. complementary to any other ongoing therapy,
4. reduction of discomfort or stiffness, wherever applied,
5. using this water: gradual dissolution of local distortions,
6. appliqué is effective as long as it is attached to the body.

5 x 5 inch heavy duty package with wallet size sheets

Some wallet size sheets contain smaller appliqués©

It is the only product we know of that facilitates DNA and cell restoration, and has as a unique positive side effect:

Relief from discomfort

It is:

  • not extracted from any oil,
  • not exposed to radiation,
  • not a plant extract,
  • not a physio-tape,
  • non-medicated,
  • non-synthetic,
  • non-magnetic,
  • non-addictive,
  • non-chemical,
  • non-invasive,
  • non-metallic,
  • non-thermal,
  • non-allergic,
  • non-herbal,
  • non-toxic,

But our product is a synthesis between molecular biology, field physics, wave-genetics, and cymatics, which facilitates further harmonization of mind & body. Therefore it is safe, odor-free, convenient, and fits in any wallet or ex-pillbox.

'serene smile' appliqué©

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