Women are vulnerable

Female breast cancer has reached epidemic proportions, with one in ten American women developing it and one in four dying. Alarmingly, of women who develop the disease, 55% have no known risk factors.

Breast cancer mortality rates are five times lower in Asia and Africa than in industrialized North America and northern Europe regions where EMFs are omnipresent.

EMFs exposure showed women being more prone to PMS, Post-Partum, Anxiety, and many other psychological issues.

Children are especially vulnerable

Children are more vulnerable than adults to EMFs because of their developing nervous systems and their thin skulls. Nowadays, children also have heavy exposure to EMFs from computer games, extensive TV viewing, cell phones, etc.

Various studies concluded that children exposed to magnetic fields between 2-3 milligauss or more, experienced a significantly increased risk of developing cancer.

These levels of exposure can be measured in buildings within 50-150 feet of wires carrying strong electric currents.

Studies have found that children who lived near major hi-voltage overhead power lines for over 25 years had twice the risk of leukemia.

When children sleep in a home protected from EMFs, their nervous systems will naturally heal and regenerate at night, thus providing better protection against ADHD, etc.

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