A revolutionary progress in healing ?



I am in my 80's. I had a swelling in the left calf, from a broken heel more than 30 years ago, and a swelling in the other ankle. This caused limited mobility. I placed an appliqué in the heel of my shoe, and each on both sides of my ankles.


I noticed a great relief and a much reduced swelling shortly thereafter, as well as much easier pivoting with each foot.

Tearing Eyes

For years I have problems with itching and tearing eyes. I have tried many different types of medications. None worked for long. Now I tried this transparent appliqué.

I also had problems with body balancing when walking and neck pains. I placed appliqués behind each ear and neck.


The neck ache disappeared right away. I have improved neck movements, a wider range of motion, and better balance. A clearer vision, mindset, and no more eye itching and tearing!

Dental work done

During dental work the dentist hit a nerve, which caused numbness in part of my lip and chin. When I came home I placed an appliqué at the numb spot.


Within 30 minutes, the numbness was considerably less.

Ross, Ontario-Canada


 Lower Back

I had a lower back pain and stiffness and swelling in my foot. I began wearing the large appliqués overnight on my lumbar area and left hip, and then the small appliqués on my feet.


I feel much less discomfort and experience much better mobility as soon as I wake up.

Itchy Eyes

Both my eyes were itching for many days. Tears were constantly running from the ducts. I placed transparent appliqués on both sides of my eyes.


A few hours later the tearing and itching stopped from then on. A great relief at my age, having passed the 80 mark.

Denise, Ontario-Canada


Neck, Shoulder, and Ankle

I had pain from a broken right ankle for several months, and pain in my neck and right shoulder for several years.


After wearing appliqués for just a few days, all pain is gone.

Nila, Ontario-Canada


Wrist injuries


I had broken my left wrist 3 times within ten years, and suffered pain for the entire 10 year period.


After applying the Harmonizer appliqués to this wrist, I felt increased discomfort for several hours. I decided to keep them on overnight. The next morning I had no pain in my wrist anymore, and have had no pain ever since.

Two Broken Ankles

My partner broke both his ankles during the years he played soccer. As they did not heal properly, it hurts every day he stands on them. As a real man, he did not believe a small and simple transparent appliqué could remove the discomfort.


After finally agreeing to try them, the pain got worse the first night but by the next morning, the discomfort was signficantly reduced. Now he wears them every day to work.

Sara, Ontario-Canada


Sleeping well

I have experienced how strong the stickers are. It is unbelievable just what those little pieces of paper can do!

I placed an appliqué on my 3rd eye, one behind each ear and one under my chin. My body is super sensitive. So, ......


I felt nauseous and dizzy for a day. After that, I slept well.

Louise, The Netherlands

 Upper arms

I am 90+ years old. For years I had constant pain in my upper arms. All my physician could prescribe was stronger painkillers. However, those pills had unpleasant side effects.

So, I started placing 2 h#rmonizer appliqués on each of the upper arms for 2 weeks. I had dysentery for 2 days, but I assume that was my body flushing out unwanted toxic stuff.


I sleep better and longer because this pain in my arms does not wake me up anymore. Thank God, the pain is now gone, after all those years. 

Water retention in legs and feet

The level of water retention in my legs and feet is also gradually reducing. Something I have problems with for over 40 years, with no medical solution available.

My ankle pain has gone as well, after applying appliqués to them for a few weeks. I wear 14 appliqués on arms and legs to further reduce swellings and other distortions I am not even aware of.

Roeli, Amsterdam-The Netherlands (Easter 2014)

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