How we create our own dis-eases

Succussion of water leads to alignment of O2 electrons of a particular magravs field-strength. The succussion by stress, physical & mental pressures, creates, in the inner structure of the body, disturbances with new magravs strengths and fields in the exact same way.

As succussion causes dis-eases, the same method will also heal dis-eases, by causing physical and mental changes.

Since succussion at different magravs field-strengths has no physical dimension, it operates at many dimensional levels, and affects both physical and non-physical entities.

The change in potency of a homeopathic medication, when forced to absorb the effects of strong magnetic fields in its local environment, is a clear indication that succussion is a magnetic realignment of the electrons of the O2 atoms of the water or alcohol used in that preparation.

The sudden compression of a body part hit by an object causes pain, which is created by crystal misalignment of the carbon atom inside the local amino acid.

Gentle tapping (succussing) with a finger of that area will reduce this pain, because O2 atoms in the blood and/or local amino acids are realigned/restored to the original condition within the carbon crystal structure.

The feeling of pain is caused by the short circuiting of the carbon crystal structure when its function changes from insulator to conductor.

Micro-currents are released from the brain and remain at the point of impact, rather than continue their voyage through the nerve. Restoring the original structure via tapping stops the 'leaking' of the micro-currents and thus the pain.

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