Computer and Internet Analogy

The Life H#rmonizer's source field blueprint functions like:

  • a computer Hard-Drive, whereby the original blueprint is the original default setting put in when your computer was fabricated by the manufacturer.

After using your computer for awhile, you accumulated:

  • more programs running in the background,
  • temporary files,
  • offline webpages,
  • log files,
  • thumbnails,
  • invalid registry files or folders, and

After using various browsers for awhile, you accumulated:

  • cookies,
  • offline data,
  • cache (temporary storage of data),
  • a history of websites you visited,
  • a history of names you searched for

These accumulated data and programs create dis-harmony, and will slow down the operation speed of your computer and could make it even malfunction at times.

Hard Disk de-fragmentation is needed to re-arrange and harmonize all stored files in order to reduce the operating system's time to read all the files, and accelerate its startup.


DNA Reality

If the human genome is like a 'computer software program', then the epi-genome contains all the comments/annotations, that render parts of the program's source code inactive.

Myriad scientific studies over the past 2 decades show that:

The DNA in each of our 10-100 trillion cells is compromised, and as an intelligence system it is confused, because the incoming information is not coherent and also contradictory.

Our DNA is also a sender and receiver, that stores data and responds to information received from:

  • our environment
  • our conscious/unconscious thoughts,
  • our conscious/unconscious feelings,
  • our conscious/unconscious beliefs,
  • our conscious/unconscious judgments,
  • our conscious/unconscious actions,
  • our addictive behavior in particular (social, biological, chemical, financial, technological, mobile)

Curative treatment for those chronic dis-eases that are a result of addictive behavior, is very lengthy and very costly.

The energetic signature of the Life H#rmonizer Appliqués facilitate an acceleration of this curative purification process.

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