Lifeless Water?

Only recently did we find out know that air/ground pollution and EMFs badly affect water by causing the clusters of water molecules to disassociate and become lifeless.

The water has been robbed of its life-energy through extensive piping, electro-smog and chemical poisoning.

The potent energies that the natural, healthy water had acquired through absorption of nature's energy and its exposure to beneficial underground magnetic fields are lost.

Does your tap water taste like lifeless water? Do you know about the health risks of fluorinated and/or chlorinated drinking water?

Have you heard about the harmonizing forces at work in clean, naturally-flowing, vibrant water, which enable it to effectively perform its functions inside our body?

Water treatment plants make water safe to drink, but they destroy water's life giving properties. Chlorine distorts the water's healthful crystalline structure.

Keeping water in stagnant storage tanks and forcing it to travel through miles of pipes has disrupted the water's hexagonal clusters, and as a result stripped it of most of its natural energy by the time it reaches your home.

What can we do to restore this lifeless water? One answer came to us after decades of research in over a dozen of disciplines, such as physics, biology, neurology, traumalogy, genetics, quantum mechanics, celestial physics, etc.


Living things (bacteria) react to the changed conditions in the water. The bacteries in the left image thrive on a Petri dish in untreated water. Faced with a food sparsity, this colony reorganizes into narrow, straight branches that maximize contact with the limited nutrients available.

The right image shows significantly increased bacteria growth in treated water, and a totaly different pattern formation. These colonies of Paenibacillus dedritiformis bacteria secrete "come-hither" signals that cause their members to draw closer together and form large vortices. This increases the colony's ability to dilute an antibiotic with the lubricating fluid secreted by individual microbes.

From these experiments Prof. Ben-Jacob learned that bacteria react over 1000 times more sensitively than any measuring device known today. He concluded that:

  1. Water reacts to signals from its environment;
  2. Water stores this information, and can transmit this information over time to other substances;
  3. Living organisms (bacteria) react to the changed conditions in water.

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