The Principle of Information

"Matter is compressed energy. Information is patterns of energy. Thus there is an information flow in our bodies." Edgar Mitchell PhD.

"The Field is the sole governing agency of each particle." Albert Einstein PhD³.

"The regulation of the whole organism and the coordination of the cells is actually accomplished with Information Fields." Dieter Cimbal PhD

"What is happening is that the nervous system is transmitting holographic messages through images." Peter Fraser PhD

"Science has recognized that more than 2/3 of ALL healings has nothing to do with drugs, surgery and other allopathic interventions, but it is ALL about the placebo effect of the belief(s) and intention, overriding biology and chemistry." Bruce H. Lipton PhD

"The heart generates the largest rhythmic electromagnetic signal in the body. If you look at this magnetic field as a carrier wave, it's being modulated with quantum information.

It is the master organ for imprinting holographic information into the body field's receptors on the outside of each cell, where also intercellular information exchange takes place."

Law of Reflection
Law of Attraction?

An emotion is triggered in the heart in response to incoming information. This feeling in the heart changes both the electric and magnetic field of the body, which leads to a different bodily response and behavior.

There is a field/matrix of energy, a quantum essence, underlying all physical reality. The feelings we feel in our heart in response to emotions emitted, are creating the patterns of the EM fields in and around our hearts that are re-arranging the stuff in the field/matrix, the quantum soup.

This allows the quantum pattern of what we created in our hearts to become manifest in our physical reality. It is less about attracting something and more about consciously creating the template within us, knowing that the material stuff will congeal around this template and thus reflect in real life what we intended through dreaming and feeling.

Some properties of Quantum Information Fields:

  • Matter and Field are linked - All physical manifestation has Quantum Information Fields associated with it and any change in either will effect change in the other.
  • Like attracts Like (entanglement). It goes in alignment with the energy wave frequency of its field. It is the opposite of normal physics principles, but in alignment with the laws of conscious co-creation.
  • Non Local – information is put into the source field and is accessed everywhere in the universe simultaneously.
  • They condition and influence space – This can be locally and/or universally.
  • Manifest and De-manifest energy – Information Fields seem to act as templates/blueprints for the organizing principles of energy.
  • Change the epigenetic markers attached to your DNA helix, and you can change the materialized energy. Genes are actually morpho-genetic fields.
  • Torsion and Vortex properties have left and right hand spins. Vortex energy is used to structure water.

  • A specific Sacred Geometric design will create more coherent and more effective Information Fields in its surrounding areas by correcting any scrambling waves that have lower frequencies than itself.
  • The geometric field with the most harmonious waves will create the highest level of revitalization and healing in its surrounding quantum body-fields.
  • A chronic illness is nothing but an insufficient exchange of information between the quantumfields of cells that always look for higher frequency information patterns, so as to eliminate their own distorted wave patterns, and so instantly and permanently eliminate the illness. 
  • A human body is in fact a well organized/structured hierarchy of energy fields of standing, and stationary, scalar waves that carry many patterns of information.
  • Each field is a dynamic coherent web of light, created by its Bio-photons, which are energy + information.
  • All quantum particles are in a perpetual energy dance with each other, exchanging ½W of energy. Thus, their total potential supply of energy is infinite.

Observations related to Quantum Information Fields:

  • Both Water and Quantum Information Fields are influenced by changes in frequency of energy-waves.
  • A thought and/or emotion creates an Information Field, that catalyses over 1000 changes in the body.
  • The human aura is both an EM bio-field and the informational patterns that organize it.
  • Non Local properties can be observed/influenced in remote viewing, both positively and negatively.
  • The brain is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of the brain.
  • The Information Field is always instantly being updated by the stronger influences of our subconscious mind.
  • Quantum Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony is created and directed in our co-creative life experience.
  • Quantum Information Fields are intelligent energy fields that react with consciousness.
  • The degree of influence by Information Fields upon our consciousness depends upon our attention and the belief systems of that same consciousness. Information follows attention.
  • All beings in an unstressed state have an innate self-curing ability that is virtually limitless.

The Relationship between Physical Energy Expression and Quantum Information Fields:

Each physical expression has an Information Field correlated with it and vice versa. The radiation has precedence over the particle, and thus its structure.

A “Physical Expression” includes:

  • Energy
  • Matter - matter is compressed in the form of particles and waves (radiation).
  • Circumstances - arrangement of material experience.
  • Flow - a circumstantial experience over a period of time. Information Fields are the medium through which harmony/disharmony of that “Flow” is directed.
  • Subtle Life Energy – expressions of feelings, emotions and thoughts at both an individual and collective consciousness level.
  • its own wavelength & frequency pattern (modulation).

Both Coherent Quantum Information Fields and Coherent Physical Expressions are strongly correlated with each other. Change one and you change the other.

Coherent means a focused patterning of Information by an intelligent/aware organizing principle. Non-coherent means not focused, and thus not likely to effect substantial change.

Human thoughts and emotions could be expressions of high coherency. Both can be particularly effective when projected towards water. As stated above, a high coherency in one attracts a high coherency in the other.

Coherent harmonic resonance

Water splits into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH--) ions in small quantities. This is important for living organisms, as the number of ions in its bodily fluids affects the shape and function of many of its molecules. The pH scale is used to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in those fluids.

Water has the ability to form clusters and store information due to its dipolar properties. Dipolar means the weak negative charge of the hydrogen atom, and the weak positive charge of its oxygen atoms. These atoms can bind and form clusters.

Water clusters will form around an invader pathogen and create a differentiated cluster structure that is able to memorize the unique wavelength and frequency pattern of the invader. They will emit this unique frequency information wave even after the harmful invader is gone, with a disruptive effect on the body.

If the wavelength is the same as the broadcast wavelength of the cells, then the disruptive frequency pattern will interfere (scramble) with the communication between cells and cause cell malfunction. If it persists it will display as physical symptoms such as various discomforts and diseases.

Our chakras act as converters and filters for the higher vibrational energies, which are electrostatic in nature. Chakras convert and filter higher vibrational energies into electro-magnetic energy, which is what we are composed of and what we can assimilate.

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