Cosmic Lattice ?

in 3 Dimensional Time/Space

The Cosmic Lattice appears to be the common denominator of the unified energy source of the Universe. If all things emanate from this Source Field, then it has to be the consciousness of the Creator, the essence of light & love, not its expression, and therefore not visible.

If so, then it has to be like a fluid, a plasma, encompassing the entire universe, including all time and space dimensions, as well as all dimensions of physics and energy.

If it is hyper-dimensional, it is not a 3D grid, but probably a pattern of 'high/sky-ways' made of apparent nothingness between clumps of star matter. This stable lattice's energy has to be in a balanced state where the polarity of its dominant attributes are being balanced to zero all the time.

Galaxy attracting stars that seem to move along specific skyways

Many astronomers believe Stars lack physical matter, which equates to far less matter and light than measured energy! Thus they believe in the existence of "dark matter", but all they can measure is the energy within the Cosmic Lattice.

Thus, gamma ray activity, many billions of light years away, has to be about actions within the Cosmic Lattice. They concluded that dark matter sculptured this Cosmic web over billions of years. They also noticed that galaxies cluster along delicate filaments woven into an intricate structure, a vast cosmic web or matrix:

They also postulated that gravity causes the Hydrogen and Helium atoms to cluster in the centers of dark matter halo's that will form galaxies. Some physicists disagree.

Exploding Star releasing iron, oxygen, carbon, H, He, etc.

This means that the activity in the micro-space between the electrons and the nucleus of an atom, is also the interaction of energy from this Aether Matrix, immense but balanced.

When called upon and destabilized in a deliberate way, it could provide enormous power. Therefore, it has to be the stabilizer of all energy and matter everywhere. When we one day correctly understand its physics, it should offer us free and private communication and unlimited power everywhere!

Color, size, and brightness tells age of a star

When a fluid is vibrated, it crystallizes, and forms geometry

Pulsation takes the fine invisible and immeasurable ‘particles’, and causes them to cluster and gain enough strength to ‘crystallize’ into matter. Harmonics appear… seeing the same vibrations re-appearing in smaller intervals, like salt crystals emerging in a gigantic nebula of interstellar dust...

Researchers from the University and Observatory of Paris studied astronomical data which suggests the universe is finite and made of curved pentagons joined together into a dodecahedronal sphere:

3D Time/Space resources inform us that the Cosmic Lattice comprises of 'energy cells', shaped as dodecahedrons. Each energy cell of this cosmic lattice in and all around us remains unseen, but we will be able to eventually measure its energy.

This lattice is an inter-dimensional structure, whose parts do not touch. Yet they exist side by side, as though they do touch. They even look like they do, but they do not, for there is something (magnetism?) that keeps them apart.

It has to do with the communication within the lattice. Energy transfer within the lattice mimics both micro-physics -the parts within atomic structures which do not touch- and neurology, the synapses, the wiring within the brain that do not touch each other either.

The Cosmic Lattice is balanced, but is it quiet? It has a flow of hyper-dimensional energy. The lattice has twin vents regulating the energy flow, and balancing the slight inequity of its polarity. Time has to be a factor in this as well.

super dense clusters of old stars

There is the primary and the secondary vent. We may clearly see one, but its partner is there always, but often hiding. This is an axiom, or rule of this lattice energy field.

Twin vents are in humans, stars, and at the core of galaxies. The distance between them determines the galaxy's spin direction, and the speed of matter around its center. It is a classic push and pull scenario, and matter responds to it.

Vents balance universal energy and act as energy portals. They are where the front of the lattice touches its own back, holding a mirror universe whose vents are opposite.

Its speed element has an analogy in fast fish or submarines in the oceans. However, their speed pales in comparison to the speed of major earthquake-generated waves in our ocean. They approach the speed of sound itself! Imagine the energy required to propel a mountain-size something at the speed of sound, through an ocean. Almost unimaginable!

A wave, however, is not the transporter of MATTER from one place to another, like fishes, submarines, or mountain matter. The wave is the transportation of ENERGY from one place to another. A water molecule bumping into the next, into the next etc., at an extremely fast speed.

Intergalactic highways & byways

This is what essentially and exactly takes place within the lattice on a far, far grander scale. When the lattice cells bump together they create patterns (waves) due to their bumping (magnetism?), at a speed that is more or less instant through billions and billions of light years.

The transmission of hyper-dimensional energy from the lattice is clean, fast, and more or less instant throughout its vastness. That's because the energy medium is uniform, and transmits within a system that easily recognizes what is being passed within in (like the wave with water molecules).

Light, however, is the transportation of photons in space as EM waves. Photons have an energy value, in proportion to their wavelength and frequency. Besides the 'emptiness' of space, they must also penetrate through other matter, such as dust, gas, magnetics, all of which will either block or bend them, and thus slow them down.

The Bolshoi ("Grand") simulation is the most accurate cosmos simulation of the evolution yet made. It zoomed in on a region of the dark matter halo of a huge cluster of galaxies.

Researchers took the results of NASA's WMAP Explorer mission together with world's 7th fastest supercomputer group that calculated (6 million cpu hrs) the evolution of a typical region of the universe, a billion light years across. 

Motion and Gravity distort our perception of time

If time is distorted, what about the Big Bang ?

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