Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a pine-cone shaped photon/light-sensitive organ, weighing 0.1 gram. The size of a pea, it is located in the geometric center of the brain, behind the eyes, in a tiny cave near the SE edge of the Insular Cortex

The pineal gland controls the body's biorhythms together with the hypothalamus gland, and directs the body's metabolism (thirst & hunger), sexual desire, sleep patterns, and the biological clock which determines our aging process.

A pathway from the retinas to the hypothalamus, called retino-hypothalamic tract, brings information about light and dark cycles to a region of the hypothalamus called the Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). From here, nerve impulses travel via the SNS to the pineal nerve and pineal gland.

When these impulses stop (when relaxing and visualizing or at night, when light no longer stimulates the hypothalamus), pineal inhibition ceases and melatonin is secreted.

Science located another center for melatonin production in the retina. This implies that the eyes have their own built in circadian timepiece. This system is distinct from the bio-clock in the SCN. Biologists could throw the retinal rhythms out of sync with other circadian cycles. They also found that they could set and reset the retinal clock even when the SCN was destroyed.

The abundant melatonin production in children appears to inhibit sexual development. With the onset of puberty, the production is reduced and the pineal gland begins to shrink until awakened. Then it starts to grow again.

The pineal gland is lined with cells that function just like the rods and cones in the eye's retina. This gland is wired into the brain like the eye, via a “phototransduction cascade.”

The gland is filled with a fluid that has tiny crystals floating around in it, including calcite and DMT. Fluor (in drinkwater), Al & Mercury in chemtrails and vaccines depress the gland's melatonin production. All 3 are used for population control.

When DMT is made in a lab and chipped out of its container, it emits massive bursts of colored light in a “piezo-chromatic” effect. The crystals in the pineal gland may expand and contract, and release visible photons, in a manner not unlike the function of a crystal radio.

Chinese scientists discovered that when a trained remote viewer accurately described a target inside a light-shielded room, about 15,000 photons appeared.

People reported seeing a “silver cord” between their physical and astral "body” when having an out-of-body experience. This “cord” could be a sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘stargate’ connecting the physical and astral bodies.

Photons detected by the astral body may travel through the cord and vibrate crystals in the pineal gland, releasing color images that the retinal tissue then sends into the brain.

The awakened Pineal gland is also called the '3rd eye,' or 'eye of Shiva,' the organ of spiritual vision. It is also very intimately related to karma. Considered the highest source of etheric energy available to humans, it can now respond to the higher frequencies of divine thought and will initiate astral abilities and other spiritual capacities.

"One of us went beyond the veil of Isis and saw and felt the indescribable beauty and realness of the etheric world, the plane of consciousness hidden behind our 5 senses reality".

Vibrations from the 'light in the head' awaken a particular, life-sustaining, prana in the body, located in the back of the root chakra and “coiled like a snake” (“Kundalini” in Sanskrit) in 3.5 turns around the sacrum. Once this reservoir of very powerful and intensified subtle bio-energy is activated, it initiates a process of spiritual awakening. This vibrating “light” energy ("Shakti" in Hinduism) starts its ascent through the spinal cord, activates each chakra it crosses, and ends up via the brain and pituitary gland in the pineal gland.


"This spontaneous awakening caused me to shed
an hour-long waterfall of tears of Joy and heavenly feelings".

These two glands are from now on connected to both the CNS as well as the PNS. From then on, the prana is fed from the crown chakra’s vortex descending upon this gland. From there the prana keeps flowing through the nadi’s (Sanskrit for channels, streams) of the entire body.

Our STAR-Self is now in touch with our ego = embodied personalities. From then on, our illusion of free will is gone. Our higher Will guides our steps through this "Hermetic Transmutation"and we attune now to the impulses coming from a different source. Consciousness is now raised from an emotional nature towards a more illumined awareness.

This abstract awareness is much more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness, which is mostly concerned with self-identity. When the sense of ego and the personalities are set aside and we keep our mental energy intact, we can become conscious of the non-physical, our inner self, the subconscious.

This 3rd eye can see beyond the physical as is looks out through the chakra system (spinning wheels) when we look for answers from higher frequencies. It also contains a complete map of the visual field of the eyes.

"The awakened Pineal gland initiated my Higher Will, who is now taking control of all the above. Past and present attention, entities, karma, and uncontrolled behavior come here together."

From the region of the heart there appears to be a continual transformation of our blood into a delicate etheric substance that streams upward toward the head and flows glimmeringly around the pineal gland. This process, the etherization of the blood, can be seen clearvoyantly in an awake human being.

What is its source? It is the inspiration and guidance coming from what Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and others called the Daemon (the Higher Self). (Daemon is different from demon).

It appears to be the projection of our inner guide, counselor and intimate friend, who manages the execution of the script we wrote before incarnating into our physical vessel.

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