Is the Ego fragmented?

The Ego's content appears to be fragmented into "partial selves" or id-entities. The missing elements are the love for the truth about the Creator's creation, we are all part of.

The idea is to transform self-gratification into right feeling, self-definition into right thought, and self-preservation into right action. Out of the stillness of the Moment, the right action will happen through us automatically.

That's hard to do in 'modern' culture if the missing elements are not introduced. The quickening of the planet's vibrational resonance moves us quicker into a lesser state of density. This triggers desperation within the negative forces as they grapple to hold on to the control of all of us.

Thus, more and more body and mind control technology is developed and implemented that will impact our fysical and mental health negatively, such as releasing toxic substances in the air above us, ELF-waves via telecom towers in the 'ocean', EM-waves all around us, or microchip implants.

RFID -Radio Frequency IDentification- is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency EM fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects or people.

How to protect yourself ?

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