Are Identities fixed?

An identity is clothed with beliefs, either formed in response to some experience or created spontaneously, that is fleshed out with memories and conclusions (or fixed viewpoints). The memories and conclusions are preserved as neural circuits in the brains, as evidence to support the beliefs.

The core belief in an identity structure is either "I am" or "I am not". The core belief is followed by the "can" and "can't" beliefs that give rise to the desires and resistances that generate intention. Intention is determined by an identity. Where there is no identity, there is no intention and no defined viewpoint.

The characteristics of a defined viewpoint determine what facets of reality my Attention will routinely focus on and solidify as experience. An identity is a defined viewpoint and part of my Ego. Because my timeless and formless Soul is in this world but not of this world, it has to create id-entities in order to experience the world.

It does this by materializing neural circuits that we notice as thought-forms (beliefs) that interact with each other.

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