The Importance of Water

The oxygen in our water and air is the most essential element for the sustenance of our body and brains. The human body is made up for over 70% of water. Water is involved in every healing and life giving process. It is the best defense against toxicity because it flushes out waste.

For it to benefit us, the water has to be truly clean. Researchers only recently discovered that natural, spring-fed water has several vital properties in addition to other chemical properties.

We are not merely talking about regular drinking water. We are talking about naturally Harmonized & Energized Water.

This water is not a medicine. However, our studies and testing reveal well-being improvements when people were drinking this naturally harmonized water on a daily basis.

Physics shows that a harmonized wave pattern allows water molecules to reconfigure themselves into smaller clusters. 

These smaller clusters slip easier through cell membranes, thus increasing the supply of energy into the body's cells.

When drinking this harmonized water, the water molecules in your body will naturally resonate with the specific pattern of the quantum field produced by this harmonized water.

This results in nutrients moving into, and waste moving out of, each cell more efficiently. Overall body energy increases when billions of cells are more harmonized and energized.

When you drink water that contains a higher degree of harmony, you may notice small things beginning to change, as your body begins to respond.

Certain changes in field properties happen instantly because they are magnetic rather than chemical.

Use this type of water to drink, cook, feed your pet, and even your plants. Harmonized Water can also be used to wash open wounds and infected parts of the skin.

The universal field characteristics of this type of water helps to relieve discomfort, and helps the healing process.

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