DNA a Radiostation?


DNA Duplication and Cell Resonance

From a technical point of view, how is reading and writing of genetic information accomplished in the DNA molecule?

In Maxwell's equations only electromagnetic (EM) waves are listed. However, EM waves are unable to interact with the antenna structure of the DNA.

In 2009, the discovery of active magnetic monopoles required the need for a revised and extended field theory, because the 3rd Maxwell-equation explains by definition, what a magnetic monopole is, but was measured as zero in the 19th century.

magnetic field lines never begin nor end
but form loops or extend to infinity

A new field physics discovery states that the divergence of density of this magnetic flux would no longer be zero but be a duality to electric charge carriers and appear as magnetic monopoles. In reality, they are the magnetic component of a potential vortex scalar wave and therefore called magnetic scalar waves.


Skin depth is due to the circulating eddy currents,
arising from a changing H field,
cancelling the current flow in the center of a conductor
and reinforcing it in the skin.

Conducting losses through 'eddy currents' are a good example. It is called the 'skin effect'. Now the dual anti vortex with opposite sign appears showing the contracting effect of potential vortices. They possess a structure-forming characteristic.

Both, the current vortex expanding from within and the (new) potential vortex contracting on the outside, are forming a ring-like field vortex propagating through space as a longitudinal wave, also called "scalar wave". It is comparable to an acoustic wave.

The DNA, surrounded by and resonating within water, is sending a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. The wave measurements are all within the UV range, similar to the body's bio-photon radiation, measured by other researchers.

The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave covers many observed structures within the nucleus of a cell. It also introduces the hyperboloid channels in the matrix, if two cells communicate with each other.

The characteristics of the potential vortex allow for a downwards fractalization (self-similarity) to a few nanometers, which explains for the first time the almost infinitely high information density in the nucleus of a cell.

Magnetic scalar wave theory explains, for the first time, the genetic information stored bio-chemically within the 3 billion twin base-pairs, as well as the process of converting this information into an electrically modulated wave that allows information transfer from one cell nucleus to another.

At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place. The energy required to power the chemical conversion process, comes from the scalar wave itself.

The field vortices are able to store the complete information of a picture (see parallel imaging by action potentials in nerves), or they capture the whole genetic information by passing the DNA helix. The presented vortex model of DNA reading and writing and the derivation in mathematics is done without any postulate.

The introduction of the magnetic scalar wave vortex provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life beyond the scientific biological understanding. The gate to a new world in physics has been opened, even if this has been noticed by only a few people.

Maxwell's molecular vortex model

For a uniform magnetic field, the field lines point outward from the display screen, as can be observed from the black dots in the middle of the hexagons.

The vortex of each hexagonal molecule rotates counter-clockwise. The small green circles are clockwise rotating particles sandwiching between the molecular vortices.


 Quantum Biology

In quantum biology, there is a phenomenon called proton tunneling. Hydrogen protons can act like that in each of the DNA's base-twins, as a mechanism for point mutations.

Rumi quote:

"Out, beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field. I will meet you there..."