The Chakra system

The body has psychic energy vortices that look like spinning wheels, called, Chakras. The 7 main chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, multiple specific functions, an aspect of consciousness, and other characteristics, like accupuncture.

The chakras vitalize the physical body and interact with our physical and mental nature. They act as loci of life energy flowing along pathways called meridians or nadis.

Parallels are experienced between the positions and functions of the chakras, the nerve ganglia and the various hormones secreted by organs of the endocrine system.

  1. The highest chakra, the “crown” chakra appears to be the chakra that controls all the others. It is very similar to that of the pituitary gland, which secretes hormones to control the rest of the endocrine system, and also connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus. It connects with higher realms and we often feel it as a light pressure. It is symbolised by a lotus with a 1000 petals and the color white or pink.
  2. The Brow Chakra (3rd eye) is linked to the pineal gland. Intuition is experienced through '3d eye' development. Knowledge and memory of the astral plane are not registered in full waking consciousness until the intuition becomes strong enough. Flashes of vision, insight, and limitless worlds of light come with increasing consistency as the '3rd eye' is stimulated. Here, our duality merges with unity from above. It is symbolised by a 2 petal lotus and the color indigo.
  3. The throat chakra relates to creativity/communication via sound. It is paralleled to the thyroid, a gland located in the throat, which produces the thyroid hormone, responsible for growth and maturation. It is symbolised by a 16 petal lotus and the color blue.
  4. The heart chakra is related to love, equilibrium, and well-being. It interacts with the thymus, in the chest. This organ is part of the endocrine and the immune system. It produces T cells responsible for fighting off disease. It is adversely affected by stress. It is symbolised by a 12 petal lotus and the color green.

  1. The solar or celiac plexus is a thick cluster and network of radiating nerve fibers and supporting tissue located in the gut behind the stomach, just below the ribs and diaphragm, serving the organs, secreting adrenaline, contracting the intestines. and transforming food into energy and fat. Its chakra is related to assimilation and digestion of this energy. It is the seat of emotions. It gives you a sense of manifesting power in the world. Blockages show up as anger or a sense of paralysis and/or victimization. It is also the portal to your jolly Solar Self, or Star Self. It is symbolised by a lotus with 10 petals and the color yellow.
  2. The sacral chakra is located in the groin. It is related to the dual (yin-yang) polarity of earthly existence, like emotional swings, male/female sexuality and the dual aspects of creativity. It appears to correspond to the testes or the ovaries, producing the various sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle. Sexual energy, when properly transmuted, can release entities and thus create healing and subsequently rejuvenation and further the process of spiritual awakening. It is symbolised by a 6 petal lotus and the color orange.
  3. The base or root chakra is positioned at the perineum. It contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of creation and remain the only cells in our body that do not change in our lifetime. It seems to be the source of greatest joy, passion, and blissfulness in concentration. It draws down spiritual energy and causes it to assume a physical existence, grounding a person in the physical world. Within it resides the kundalini energy. It is related to the physical processes of reproduction and excretion, and the various fear and guilt complexes associated with them. It appears to relate to the adrenal medulla, responsible for the fight and flight response when survival is under threat. A persona's karma is expressed here in a physical form. It is symbolised by a 4 petal lotus and the color red.


Immortality: infinite universal self-regeneration

It appears to us that we all carry the seed of the "perfect mold" in us. Once we have retrieved all Painkeepers and have sent them for rehab, we should be permanently "freed from karma and the ego-based mindset".

This will then allow the intelligence of the heart and body to fully unfold and activate the complete DNA blueprint of this "perfect mold". The endocrine glands and their hormonal secretions are body systems that need to be reinstated to their original purpose of carriers of cosmic light, coming from our chakras via the re-patterned DNA strands.

Reconnecting with your twin-flame in an awakened state of mind will automatically set this process in motion. A new (12) main Chakra system is created.

Another new chakra is opening up in people, the Earth Star Chakra, approx. 1-2 ft below the feet. It is our connection to planetary consciousness. This chakra brings us awareness of the Earth as a living entity. When fully functioning, this energy center will resonate with sacred energy spots, warn us of impending storms, earthquakes, etc., and open communication between us and the planet. It also functions as a regulator for the transmuted energy we draw into our energy systems from the Earth. It allows us to be centered and grounded. It is believed to be the keeper of past lives records and residues. Clearing this chakra is key.

The Brow Chakra (3rd Eye) is mutating, splitting, and refining itself into new Pituitary and Pineal chakras. Together these energy centers are expanding and creating new intuitive abilities, insights, and inner wisdom that is currently ascribed to the Brow chakra. We will be taking these abilities to the next level as we develop into higher multi-dimensional beings.

An activated and illuminated halo

When finally finished, our then "resurrected and rejuvenated" body together with a "natural" mindset fully embedded in unity consciousness has then reached the stage of the "perfect model". According to Christian theology, this perfected physical model was expressed for the first time in the resurrected Jesus, the first fruit of the Christ Impulse.