Pituitary Gland

The pituitary body is often referred to as the 'master gland', because it controls other hormone glands including the thyroid and adrenals (which produce hormones essential for life) and the ovaries and testicles (for sex and reproduction).

The pituitary gland is about the size of a pea and is situated in a bony hollow just behind the bridge of our nose, and near the SW edge of the Insular Cortex, which regulates the immune system, heart rate, and blood pressure.

This gland is the centre for discrimination, between what is good and bad for the body. If this function is disturbed by vaccines like polio and anti-tetanus, your immune system does not function properly. If your parathyroid gland is also disturbed by it, then your calcium metabolism does not function properly and the heart-head connection is blocked.

For re-setting your system it is necessary to have these connections open. Only if your hormonal system is fully functioning is your body able to fully cooperate with you.

The pituitary is controlled by the hypothalamus, which is situated immediately above the pituitary gland.

Thousands of neurons in the hypothalamus extend their axons to release hormones into the posterior lobe. The anterior lobe produces a variety of hormones, such as HGH, Human Growth Hormone:

After puberty, the body produces less HGH, which leads to increased body fat, decreased immunity, inferior skin tone, decreased libido, and other symptoms associated with aging. Exercise, careful attention to diet, and reducing body weight to optimum levels will naturally increase the HGH level.

Science showed that aging pituitary glands are capable of producing as much HGH as the younger ones, if adequately stimulated. Increased HGH levels may reverse aging!

HGH STIM is a scientifically proven self regulating sound frequency product that stimulates the Pituitary gland and generates a measurable increase in HGH without any side effects. In clinical trials increased HGH levels have been shown to give:

  • 8.8% increase in muscle mass on average after six months, without exercise
  • 14.4% average fat loss after 6 months, without diet
  • Higher energy levels
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Re-growth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age
  • Greater cardiac output
  • Superior immune function
  • Increased exercise performance
  • Better kidney function
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Higher HDL and lower LDL in cholesterol levels
  • Stronger bones
  • Faster wound healing
  • Younger, tighter, thicker skin
  • Hair re-growth
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Sharper vision
  • Mood elevation
  • Increased memory retention
  • Improved sleep

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