Sub-quantum Aether Physics?

Quantum physics states that the human being is a standing wave (aura) of energy, or Chi, in the form of a hologram.  

The Aura consists of the model, the material physical body, and the mold for the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies, the aetheric body. These non-physical bodies emanate through and interact with the physical body.

The aetheric body can be divided into 2 parts:

  1. The Aetheric Double. It closely resembles the physical body, and contains the programming for the subtle formative energetic imprints on which the material body is built. They contain a series of channels (meridians) and energy centers.
  2. The Sphere of Sensation. This is an egg-shaped field of energies surrounding the aetheric double, extending a few feet from the physical body. It is the interface with the cosmos, and its etheron waves combine interferentially so as to give rise to physical matter. All forces of the universe are reflected on its surface.

The Ascension path is the transformation of a carbon-based physical body to a crystal/silicone based structure. Alchemy is the transmutation of dark to light. Your DNA has also physical and non-physical aspects.

Both the etheric body and the 98%-DNA of the physical body contain the residues of memories of your experiences from this and all other lifetimes in a multitude of realities. Each traumatic imprint creates an unique pattern that interferes with the proper functioning of the genes in your DNA.

This leads to diseases in all known varieties, mental and emotional difficulties, karmic blocks, and aging. The latter is also affected by humanity's group consciousness.

Death is often the result of a gradual bodily disintegration due to an excess of undischarged trauma-based energy.

Thus, experiencing life in a physical body can effect the sub-quantum, energy bodies, specifically the aetheric body which stores vast amounts of information in vibratory form of a nearly infinite number of frequencies. 

It contains the 'cosmic cookbook' blueprint for the perfected Body. You can change physical stuff by 'coupling' yourself with its 3D crystal matrix, morphic field, or the source field.

Some traditions believe that this perfect Body can only be restored by the moral impulses of the Christ Being.

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