About your Perspective

Besides using the timeless tools and practices to improve your current state of being, why not change the field of perception about your life and yourself, if you want to feel and think different about your current life experiences?

Keep adopting different viewpoints until you see the obstacle disappear and have a satisfactory feeling about something or someone, without changing or ignoring the actual facts.

Wouldn’t that make a lot of sense?

Not until I carefully studied certain facts and rules, and as a result flipped certain beliefs about myself and my world upside down, did I get a satisfactory feeling about it.

It also allows me to live every day in awe-filled appreciation for what was scripted for this day and how that fits in with everything else in my life. This kind of childlike anticipation of what comes next, gives me more feelings of freedom, peace and joy than any other approach to life.


unnatural 90°, and 45°, versus natural 60° viewpoints

Changing my viewpoint after an experience, allows my mind to open up to new insights that would otherwise be blocked by parts of me that need to hold on to ‘pains from the past’.

The philosopher Patanjali, points out that when viewing the world, we see things as we’d like them to be. Our own preferences, assumptions, and biases obscure a clear view and we see a mirror showing us a distorted image.

Philosophies both East and West consider this confusion or false perception to be one of the root causes of suffering. They explain that alleviating suffering is possible only when we are able to see things the way they really are, called:

'the way of the heart'

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