Coherent Resonance

Amid the seeming noise, activity, and chaos we experience daily in our world there's a gentle fluctuation that moves rhythmically and unseen. Most people have no awareness of it, yet it has great impact on our lives.

Sometimes a coincidental event brings it to consciousness in a way that makes it vivid and brilliant. Scientists call it Coherent Resonance. Others call it synchronicity.

Coherence means there's a logical interconnectedness and balance between two things.

Resonance is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. In a coherent system, one object may set another in motion if it shares the same vibration or frequency. An example of this is if you strike a tuning fork the vibration causes a second tuning fork which has not been struck to vibrate at the same frequency as the first.

Coherent Resonance means that two or more things are vibrating and interconnected in a balanced, unified, and harmonious energy wave. We 'silently' communicate with one another through our electromagnetic and bio-electrical energy fields in a larger global energy field of consciousness.

When we meet someone at first and have an instant connection with them we're experiencing a coherent resonance. If we hear/see an event that causes a powerful reaction in us, we're experiencing coherent resonance.

Coherent resonance between chromosomes in DNA molecules occurs as light within our visible spectrum (200-800 nm), radiated by 'bio-photons'.

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