More Incredible DNA discoveries

reports from Gregg Braden

Below are 3 more astonishing experiments with DNA which prove that DNA can heal itself according to the "feelings" of the individual. Mr. Braden began as a computer and geology scientist, before he began pursuing larger questions.


This work was done by Dr.Vladimir Poponin, a well-known quantum biologist. In this experiment, a container was emptied (i.e. a vacuum was created within it). Then they measured the distribution (location) of the remaining photons and found a random distribution. This was expected.

Then a DNA molecule was placed inside the container and the distribution of the photons was measured again. This time the photons were LINED UP in an ORDERED fashion and aligned with the DNA. Thus, the physical DNA had an effect on the non-physical photons.

Then, the DNA molecule was moved 14 miles away, and the distribution of the photons was measured again. The photons REMAINED ORDERED and LINED UP where the DNA had been.

Gregg Braden concluded that we are forced to accept the presence of a web of energy, the 'Divine Matrix', through which the DNA is communicating with the photons.


Done by USA-D.o.D: Leukocytes (white blood cells) were collected from donors for DNA extraction, and placed into chambers so they could measure electrical changes. In this experiment, the donor was placed in one room and asked to watch certain video clips, that generated different emotions.

The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA were monitored. Researchers noticed that the DNA exhibited the IDENTICAL RESPONSES AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. NO time delays on the monitors!

Further separation, up to 50 miles, between the donor and his DNA showed still the same identical responses in time. Gregg Braden believes that living cells communicate through an already existing network that is everywhere, all the time.


Conducted at the Institute of HeartMath (IoH), in California. The report is titled: Local and Non local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA.

In this experiment, some human placenta DNA was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of this DNA were distributed among 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained in how to generate and FEEL feelings and emotions.

What was discovered was that the DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE according to the feelings expressed by the 28 researchers:

1. When the researchers FELT centered, balanced, impartial, love and appreciation, gratitude, the DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound. It's length increased.

2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, hate, or jealousy, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING up.

It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF many of its codons! If you ever felt "shut down" by negative emotions, you know now that parts of your body were shut down as well. The shut down DNA codons were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, and appreciation were felt by them.

This experiment was followed up by testing HIV positive people. They discovered that without feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and love, the actual feelings of RESISTANCE were 300,000 TIMES more than with those various feelings.

These emotional changes defy the conventional laws of electro-magnetism and their relationship to space and time. Individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA. A newly recognized web of energy that connects all of creation?

If we can influence this web with our own vibration, then using appliqués, or practicing the c2C3DAA, etc. can have


The Science of Compassion

Within the last decade, we were forced to accommodate greater change in less time than at any other point in recorded human history. Our bodies, immune systems and emotions have been challenged to unprecedented levels.

At the same time, scientists are witnessing phenomena for which there are no reference points of comparison, such as 100% resistance to the HIV virus through genetic mutations in over 60 million people worldwide.

Research results showed that these people use 24 instead of the usual 20 different amino acids to replace codons for the production of existing and entirely new type of proteins.


Recent data demonstrates that compassionate emotion, a life improving state of being, may be the genetic (codon) function that turns "ON" powerful codes of genetic options.

Are we witnessing the birth of new species of humans that are able to genetically change their DNA molecule so as to accommodate changes in climate, diet, etc.?

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