Everything alive is made up of cells. A cell is a protein based robot that is too small to feel and experience something:

  • it has a wall to separate itself from the environment,
  • it regulates and creates order within itself,
  • but:

there is no part of a cell that is alive, because stuff reacts chemically with other stuff, leading to reactions that trigger other reactions, which trigger even more reactions, millions of them each second in each of our trillions of cells.

All stuff is dead matter moved by the forces of the Universe, such as Prana, Qi or Chi, and kept in balance as Yin & Yang: 


Atoms are the smallest parts of an element that still contain their particular chemical properties. Their nucleus consists of protons which have a positive electrical charge and neutrons that have no charge. Seven million atoms joined together in a straight line would be about 1mm long.

The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. Most atoms are neutral, which means that the number of protons equals the number of electrons.

Atomic mass is the total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. The mass of a neutron and a proton are the same. Normally, the number of protons equal the number of electrons.

  • An electron is only 1÷2000 times the size of a proton,
  • The electrons, although very tiny, inhabit most of the space of an atom,
  • It is mostly empty space with nearly all the mass centered at the nucleus.

If an atom has fewer protons than electrons, it is called a negatively ("--") charged atom. If an atom has more protons than electrons, it is called a positively ("+") charged atom.

Electrons and Protons have
equal but opposite electrical charges.

We see a certain geometry emerge from the sub-quantum level of Planck’s Constant, the smallest size of energy in the Universe, the photons:

Movement of Photons

Two to a few hundred atoms of a molecule can group together into perfect geometric ‘microclusters’, a transitional phase between solids and mono-atomic elements. They take on very unusual and unique properties, such as super fluidity and super conductivity, etc. See Microcluster Physics.

Natural, living foods contain these 'microclusters'. Dead food like fast food, cloned food, GMO's, etc., lack microclusters. Thus, these devitalized foods contain no energy, and starve your body as a result.

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