H2O Filtration Systems

Summary of filtration systems: what they do and don’t do:

  • Activated Carbon Filters –
    • Do: absorb organic contaminants that cause bad taste and odor; some models remove chlorination byproducts; some models remove cleaning solvents and pesticides.
    • Don’t: remove metals such as lead and copper; remove nitrate, bacteria or dissolved minerals.
  • Ion Exchange Units –
    • Do: remove minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium that make water “hard”; remove fluorides; some models remove radium & barium.
    • Don’t: soften water if it has oxidized iron or iron bacteria, which clogs the system when the ion-exchange resin becomes coated.
  • Reverse Osmosis Units –
    • Do: remove nitrates, sodium, other dissolved inorganic and organic compounds; remove foul tastes, smells or colors; possibly reduce the level of some pesticides, dioxins and chloroform and petrochemicals.
    • Don’t: remove all inorganic plus all organic contaminants.
  • Distillation Units –
    • Do: remove nitrates, bacteria, sodium, hardness, dissolved solids, most organic compounds, heavy metals, and radionuclides; kill bacteria.
    • Don’t: remove some volatile organ contaminants, certain pesticides and volatile solvents; stop bacteria from recolonizing on the cooling coils during inactive periods.

Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filters provide the ultimate in water bourne contamination removal and is used worldwide for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments, without the use of chemicals or complicated processes.

The Berkey water filter system is a purifier. The portable Berkey can be used to filter non-potable or unhealthy water in situations where electricity and pressure are not available.

For everyday water from your faucet or for challenging environments like wells, rivers and lakes, Berkey water costs just 0.4 €-cents per liter to produce. The cleanable Black replacement cartridge provides an economical, reliable and powerful long term solution to poor water quality issues.

The Berkey Water Filter System is Revolutionary

Berkey water filters remove viruses to purification standards, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites to non detectable levels, as well as harmful or unwanted chemicals to below detectable levels. Until publication of our tests the word non detectable was seldom used to describe a water filter to remove harmful pollutants.

The filters in the Berkey added the ability to reduce toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals needed to support a healthy body and mind.

From Murky Water to Berkey Water

Compare the quality/taste of the water through the Berkey Filters to Brita, Aquasana, Pur, Katadyn or bottled water.

You may agree that Berkey water is more alive, is sweeter, and tastes so much better than any other system can produce, even the more expensive bottled spring waters.

Does your body really enjoy digesting 2 liters of the tap or bottled water you are supposed to feed it every day?