Peripheral Energy Flow

Extensive research in the field of molecular biology, has shown that all patterns on the surface of plants, animals, insects and other living systems, form an integral part of the total energy system of life.

This pattern is related to the peripheral energy flow on a body's surface, which usually interacts with the environment to adapt its central energy system to external changes. Most alternative medical practices recognize and work with both the central and peripheral energy system of the body.

An important property of the energy of geometrical shapes (3D or linear) is that it flows along linear objects of any type, material or shape. Wires, strings, pipe, and other linear objects can channel energy. That is why all shapes have a peripheral energy besides their main central energy.

Charpente de fer, Cathedral in Chartres, France

All objects interact with the energy of the earth to produce a certain energy field around them, and when 2 energy fields are in proximity they communicate and modify each other through the law of RESONANCE.


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