Pathway to No-thing

A Quantum field full of Information

Processing imagined or real sensed objects requires more de-synchronized beta (β) activity. Electrical signals race through the brain in different directions to disparate regions.

When imagining or attending to space, there is no object,
no thing, to grip on to, objectify or make sense of. Neither memories of past events, nor anticipating future scenarios.

Now that the 'Right-Brain' is dominant, the 'Left-Brain' can rest. The imagination and realization of space seems to reset stress encumbered neural networks and return them to their original, effortless, flexible processing mode. Merely closing your eyes can cause a tsunami of α synchronous waves.

Multi sensory experiences and awareness of space, and nothingness or absence elicits almost always long periods of large amplitude synchronous α waves. No-thing is not merely nothing. No-thing appears to be a robust healer and is critical to the health and well being of our nervous system.

No-thing is unique, because space, silence, and timelessness cannot be focused on or grasped as a separate experience. It permeates our attention through all of our senses.

Nothing you do will lead to a lasting joy. Stop moving! Just sensing no-thing leads to a state of silence, peace, and lasting joy. This reminds you to enjoy all you already have.

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You will feel your soul being undressed
when the tender hands of love begin touching you.
The many different masks on one's face will be removed,
and the many different clothes and images of
lust, pride, youthfulness, physical attraction,
which one is "attached" to
will have to be ripped off one by one.

Even the Adam & Eve and bully & victim dynamic of
"I am so pitiful and I am so sorry, it's all my fault"
has to be broken up in 77 pieces, and flushed out one by one.

Then there will be a feeling of nothingness inwardly:
nothing to hold on to, nothing to be attached to and nothing to lose;
and therefore nothing to hope for, or fear, or get angry about.

Then, when you are so totally naked inwardly,
there will be a feeling of innocence;
only this feeling of innocence can lead you to
unconditional peace, unconditional love, and lasting joy,
and ultimately lead you home, up there, amongst all other stars.

All of this is part and parcel of your story
of the immortal love with your beloved.

Memo Ozdogan/Enrico de Estrellas