Do you, or your Ego, live mostly un-conscious?

Cultural conditioning encourages development of impotent states of mind where a group of Identities and PainCatchers, called the "Lower self" or Ego, is in control of the central nervous system which includes the brains.

It lives on feeling separated from the "Soul" and all other beings, by confusing facts with viewpoints, or by constantly complaining and holding grievances, thus making itself feel right and superior. It resents the NOW, because it shrives on the energy of the resentment of a past experience and the resulting unhappiness it created.

Creating suffering without recognizing it, is the essence of unconscious living. Unable to feel the life that animates the physical body, the life that you are, is probably the greatest deprivation that can happen to you.

The Mind-made self or Ego-construct is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state, thus strengthening your lower self, which is encouraged by media and literature to focus on the elements of safety, security, and power. It is therefore in a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment.

In these circumstances, individuals are basically "blind and insane". In terms of cultural activities, people are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with self preservation, self-gratification, and self-definition. All are left-hemisphere related functions.

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