Do you have Dis-aligning Beliefs ?

Decisions I made in the presence of drifters do often not produce the intended effect. If it seems difficult to make a decision, it is often because of float from  incomplete data. Handling the drifting bits of data by getting the missing data, seems to correct that problem.

I found that it applies both to my environment and myself. Drifting data is data that doesn't seem to fit with the rest of what I know. It exhausts my supply of attention-energy. The cause is often a dis-aligning belief. Handling the belief is the first step in handling drifters. A dis-aligning belief keeps new data from aligning with what I already believe, so it floats.

Example: Imagine that I have the belief that “all sheep are white”. I am happy with this information. Now, somebody talks about a black sheep. I notice when I try to integrate this black sheep stuff with the rest of what I know about sheep it doesn't integrate. Because it doesn't fit, it drifts.

Now I have an unrelated piece of data, a black sheep. What is that? “All sheep are white”, that is the dis-aligning belief. If I change the belief to “some sheep are black and some sheep are white”, I've integrated new information into the mental structure that I use to make sense of my universe.

Beliefs are the codes that translate the invisible waves of energy of Max Planck's Cosmic Matrix into visible particles of matter. Through our intention and the EM-field surrounding our hearts, we can breath beliefs about Joy, love, healing, peace, abundance, compassion into the reality of our lives.

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