Appreciative Attention (3DAA)

Main objective:

To acquire the Art of improving the mental & emotional state of everybody, via a particular way of observing.   

Gratitude = Happiness + Goodness

Appreciation is more than just gratitude. It is an act of proactively valuing some-thing or some-one. It transforms gratitude from an after-the-fact expression of feeling, to a before-the-fact deliberate engagement of energy. This is the energy of appreciation, a heart force heavily under-utilized!

Appreciation is an Attention-beam of bio-photons, improved by a special quality of feeling. It helps dissolve the emotional glue (pain, fear, anger) from a trauma. It also stimulates the production of the mood enhancing hormone DHEA.

Appreciative Attention can be seen as a non-judgmental awareness of whatever arises, a lightness of humor that enables you to defuse uncomfortable situations without disrespecting those involved.

You can lighten the seriousness of someone through the understanding that what they communicate is important,  has value, and as such, it is appreciated. However, appreciation & importance are separate from Seriousness.

Seriousness carries unconscious emotions like fear, anger, and frustration. It is like glue that fixes attention. This may often result in an ongoing flow of thoughts or feelings.

Appreciation plus Soft Focus Attention dissolves this glue and stops the inexorable stream of thoughts for a moment.

The state of appreciation is a state of unconditional love, an exact vibrational match to the vibration of source energy, the highest energy frequency available.

What's better for your heart?

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