External Level:

Situational, Occupational,
Social, Financial, Environmen


Chemtrails and environmental electromagnetic (EM) radiation are both highly toxic. EM waves radiate from almost every industrial and household product. Many are within 5-25 Hz, the range of most of our braincell waves. This can lead to an exchange of fractured information between the DNA helices of your 10 trillion cells, potentially causing chronic diseases.

Scientists concluded that EMsmog from mobile devices should be < 0.5 V/m, from devices in enclosed spaces < 100 nTesla.


It has been our experience that financial abundance does not last long unless improvements have been made with each of the prior 5 factors in the equation.

Applying the CB+T, c2C, FOL, and CF practices to yourself on a daily basis will be noticed in your body and wallet, through savings in 3rd party medical products and services. More energy allows you to do more work, increase income, and gain new insights in how to better run your life.

Mechanical workers were highly rewarded in the past, but mechanical obedience has little value today. Just “doing your job” is poorly rewarded, whereas someone who is self-sufficient, creative, communicative, and proactive usually produces more and is thus better rewarded.

The evolution of consciousness brought the insight that a large variety of benefits could be gained from empowering and energizing our friends and co-workers, particularly within a self-sustainable environment.

Successful, thriving organizations are the ones that empower their people rather than attempt to control them. They are a community of people that hold each other accountable thro numbers supported by words (accurate job-descriptions), instead of words alone (managerial dictates & manipulations).

This website offers tools and practices to achieve this.

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